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We now sell Blythe dolls too!

The dolls listed below were released in 2013 and before.

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Lavender Hugs Blythe doll!!!

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Leopard Sass Neo Blythe Doll

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 “Furry Bella Bo”

Middie Blythe Now In Stock!

November Neo Blythe Doll

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Royal Soliloquy Blythe Doll

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Zinochika Neo Blythe Doll

Accepting Pre-Orders for this doll
Release Date: September 2013
Price: 14,490 JPY

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A Brand New Neo Blythe Doll

"Hi-Ho! Marine"

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She has a lemon yellow, short bob with loose body curl in the bangs.
She has a special light blue eye color, facing forwards.
She wears pink lipstick and blush, with brown eyeshadow.
It gives her a refreshing and healthy look.
She has natural skin in a new Radiance + face mould!

Lena Elena Middie Blythe doll

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Anniversary Neo Blythe doll
Allie Gabrielle!

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We are currently no longer accepting pre-orders for this doll.
So sorry for any inconvenience caused

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Wendy Weeekend

Neo Blythe Doll

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Iris Linea Middie Blythe
CWC Exclusive

Skin Type: Fair
Make-up: Brown eyeshadow, pink lips, pink blush
Eye Color: Light Blue
Hair Color: Platinum Blonde
Earrings: Ribbons
The set includes: Doll, dress, tiara, earrings, shoes, underwear, display sheet, and stand.

Limited run of 2,000

In Stock Now

Nekogutsu Middie Blythe

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Simply Love Me

Neo Blythe doll

Rei Ayanami Blythe doll

White Light

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Ltd to 2000 pieces.

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Middie Blythe doll

In Stock

But stocks are limited

Parson Grace Middie Blythe doll

Simply Delight Blythe Doll

Now In Stock!

“Simply Delight” wears a simple dress with her positive message of cheer:

 “Delightful、Sensational、Believable" printed in the graphics on her dress.

Her tights have two sizes of polka dots to create a dynamic look.

She also wears a new style of short booties for Neo Blythe!

Her long straight brown hair has a side part and she wears a new style of thick headband.

CWC Exclusive 11th Anniversary

Neo Blythe “Red Delicious”

In Stock Now.
Archive/Sold Out Dolls

OSKI TEBYA LYUBLYU Petite Blythe doll
Sold Out
She has light brown hair with short bangs and long curly hair.
She wears pink lipstick, brown eyeshadow and cute pink lips.
She has very fetching green-blue eyes that create a lovely impression.

Puchippu Chappu Pepa
Middie Blythe Doll
Sold Out

Misha TebyA LyublyU

Neo Blythe doll

"tebyA lyublyU" is Russian for "I love you", she will bring joy to your heart.

Penny Precious Neo Blythe
In Stock Now

Sadie Sprinkle Neo Blythe Doll

No longer available.

Middie Blythe Doll

Middie Blythe Nelly Niburusu

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Orange and Spice Neo Blythe doll

Simply Love Me

Blythe doll

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Coco Collette Neo Blythe

Sold Out!

Sold Out!

Monique Magnificent Neo Blythe doll

Sold Out!

Meowsy Wowsy
Blythe Neo

Sold out

Middie Blythe
Jackie Ramone Blythe Doll

Sold Out!

University of Love Blythe doll

Currenntly sold out

CWC Exclusive Neo Blythe 

Sold out!
Slow Nimes Blythe!

Pickle Winkle Blythe Doll

Sold Out Now

Strawberries ‘n Cream

CWC Limited Neo Blythe Doll

CWC Exclusive Neo Blythe "B2Holic"

8" Middle Blythe Doll Melomelomew

Sold out

Manuheali'i Paradise Girl

Sold out

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